A Little About Bayahibe

“Bayahíbe is an indigenous word. Its meaning is not known for sure, but there are many names that include the Taínos  word “Baya” which is the name given to a bivalve mollusk, like clams that are glued to the rocks or roots of mangrove trees. “Jib” (or “hib”) is the name of a sieve manufactured from sticks used to sift cassava flour.”  (Taken from Wikipedia)

Bayahibe has a population of @ 2000 (this figure also includes neighbouring Dominicus) with a fair mix of local residents and ex-Pats (many of whom are Italian, but also includes Canadians, Americans, Germans, and other European nationalities)).  The town  was originally established as a fishing village in 1874 when it was founded by Juan Brito and his family who came here from Puerto Rico.  Today, it remains as a fishing village, but is also a thriving tourist town being the focal point of departure for day trips to Saona Island where busloads of tourists from Punta Cana, La Romana and surrounding areas come to take a catamaran ride out to spend the day on one of the many pristine beaches located along the island.   Few people actually live on Isla Saona; it is part of the National Park of the East.

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