Diver Level: Any
Depth 12-14 meters/40-45 feet

A known hot spot for turtles, Tortuga (meaning Turtle) is a must dive site location within the National Park of the East.

A half an hour boat journey from Coral Point takes you to the site that offers the best chance of seeing the larger life in the area. The maximum depth at this site is 12 meters, with the visibility often 20 meters or more.

Due to its location inside the national park, fishing at this site is forbidden. The life underwater at Tortuga is healthy and lively. Without much current, this site is perfect for a nice leisurely dive where you can truly enjoy all the life that surrounds.

As the name suggests, turtles can be found at this dive site. While looking for turtles and nudibranchs, don’t forget to look up as eagle rays have been known to swoop through. Large lionfish and green morays are also found at Tortuga tucked in and around the rocks and corals.

The easy diving conditions and great reef at Tortuga invites divers of all abilities and levels. Snorkelers can even enjoy the reef from above with the visibility as good as it is here!

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