6 Good reasons to dive

Scuba diving is both sport and adventure and gives us the opportunity to explore the exciting world of submerged life, causing positive effects on a physical, emotional, psychological and even social level. Just to everyone.

Improve concentration

Swimming under water, we are obliged to maintain the right balance: this requires concentration. Moreover we are in contact with many forms of life, which is good not to disturb or even touch. All this involves good training in maintaining full muscle control while paying attention to the marine environment around us.

Relieves stress

Beyond the fact that the natural element of water, in itself, helps to fight stress, diving is a relaxing experience for the whole body, given the sensory context: the sounds muffled, the contact with the water, the deep blue of the sea, the sinuous movements of the sea creatures.
The physical benefits, therefore, but also mental benefits. Do not forget that once you dive from the boat we are in a weightless environment, lulled by the current. We challenge anyone who does not find a bit of peace beneath the surface, where the problems of work and daily life can not reach us. Seeing is believing!

It teaches to appreciate the beauty of nature

We assume that on our planet there is much more water than mainland, inhabited by elegant, beautiful and fascinating life forms (my mind immediately runs to the great cetaceans and sharks); Under water there is an impressive variety of life and only diving can bring us into contact with these gifts of nature. At each dive you can meet new life forms, some never seen before (unless you are marine biologists eh), and in any case direct contact with this world is a guaranteed source of chills along the back. Other than dolphinariums and zoo safaris.

Constant training

Diving leads us to explore our skills and, sometimes, our limits. It’s a continuous test of our organization skills, problem solving, rescue and maybe photography and underwater shooting, why not. PADI courses are fundamental, from the first to the last (remember to invest quality time in these activities), and are a source of many knowledge, which could also be used in daily life. Under water is also necessary a good dose of self-control to deal with any problems that may arise (even if it is one of the safest sports in the world), which never hurts even with a colleague who puts the desk in disorder .

Social benefits

Enrolling in PADI courses and diving clubs gives us the opportunity to meet new people who will most likely become dive buddies and maybe friends of a lifetime (I swear). In immersion one must always rely on one’s companions, in an activity of mutual sharing and help. I do not know about you, but in my opinion it is one of the best ways to make healthy and lasting relationships.
Furthermore, diving is a transversal sport, since it attracts people of all ages and social backgrounds, which gives us the opportunity to expand our network of knowledge, with all that goes with it.

To stay fit

Although diving does not require special training, it is still an activity that takes place outside the home, surrounded by nature and requires a minimum of joint mobility and physical fitness.

In conclusion, if you like the sea and spend hours in front of the photos of National Geographic, after reading this post you have no more excuses to sign up for some PADI diving course and get your patent. Once you have studied the manual well and learned how to manage dispensers and decompression, you will be spoiled for choice of places where to dive, perhaps starting with more “quiet” spots like Viva Shallow or Atlantic Princess in Bayahibe (RD), with easy dives and less demanding.


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