Catalina Diving or Peñón-Tortuga Diving….You Pick!

We offer two excursion dives:

1. Dive “The Wall” and the “Aquarium” beside Catalina Island – about a 40 minute boat ride from the dive shop,  the Wall  is a 12-40m dive along the edge of Catalina Island, and is full of a diverse sampling of very large corals.  Closer to the top you can look for lobsters, reef crabs and moray eels hiding in the coral crevices.  Look out into the blue every once in a while as well as you may be treated to a passing by eagleray if you are lucky!  Finish this dive with your 5m safety stop on the top of the wall while you observe the other colourful smaller Caribbean reef fish.  Then take a short boat ride around to the other side of the Island during your surface interval, and get ready to dive the Aquarium….as it’s name implies, this 11-12m dive site is rich in tropical reef fish, as well as lobsters, crabs, moray eels, scorpionfish and so on.

2.  Dive “Peñón” and “Tortuga” located in the National Park of the East near Saona Island – with excellent visibility, both dive sites are full of pristine corals and rich in marine with a maximum depth of 12-14m.  Drop down and venture along the edge of the coral reef in search of scorpionfish, yellow stingrays, moray eels, balloonfish,  and an abundance of other colourful reef fish.  Also, be sure to look out into the the sand and blue on your other side to look for garden eels, cushion stars, large hermit crabs inside old conch shells, and the possible southern stingray or maybe even the occasional eagleray passing by.  And don’t forget, as the name of the second dive site implies, to keep an eye out on the reef for a turtle!  These two dive sites are about a 25 minute boat ride from the dive shop.

As both of these excursion dives are a little further out, expect to return to the dive shop around 1:30-2pm.  Light snacks are provided during the surface interval to tie you over until you return to Bayahibe.

The choice is yours, will it be a trip to Catalina Island for the Wall and the Aquarium, or to the National Park near Saona Island to dive Peñón and a Tortuga?  ….or perhaps, maybe you will decide to do both!

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