Our Top Five Pick for Local Dive Sites

  1.  Viva Shallow – shallow dive at 5-10 meters depth, marine park artifacts (anchor, cannons, etc), rich in marine life, top pick by divers for micro life with lots of banded coral shrimp, arrow crabs, cleaner shrimp and various other critters hiding in the coral along with spotted morays, yellowtail stingrays, scorpionfish, etc.
  2. St Georges – deep and wreck dive all in one, 240 foot long cargo ship sunk intentionally in 1999 to be a dive site, sitting at 32 meters at stern and 44 meters at bow, fully encrusted in coral, large schools of fish surround the ship, spotted eagle rays and larger barracuda visit the area on occasion, and see if you can find the resident large green moray
  3. Luca’s Reef – patch reef also comprised of coral fingers extending out into the sand making for a diverse dive, rich in marine life, great for macro-life, max depth 12 meters
  4. Guaraguao I & II – the corals are healthy with predominantely hard corals, gorgonians and sponges populating the reefs. Small critters abound, especially arrowhead crabs, green anemones, pedersen shrimps, fire worms, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, etc…a good place to dive slowly looking for the small stuff, 11-16 meters deep
  5. Atlantic Princess – wreck dive to 12 meters, the old passenger ship is also surrounded by coral so you get the best of both wrapped up in one dive…wreck and reef…explore the wreck which is also surrounded by large schools of sargeant majors and other reef fish then head out to explore the reef to see parrotfish, trumpetfish, search for reef crabs and various other sea critters

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