discover the necessary equipment for diving !!

It is essential to use equipment that is in perfect condition for safe diving. If you intend to buy it, inquire about the cost of the diving equipment or, if you prefer, you can ask for it at the diving center. Let’s see in detail what are the elements you will need during the underwater activity.

Diving suit: choose the correct size to avoid circulation and breathing problems and to be able to move comfortably. The thickness of the suit depends on the temperatures of the waters where you will dive: the lower they are, the thicker the suit will have to be. Moreover, it is very useful to protect the body from any injuries and abrasions during sport.
Underwater mask: it is an instrument composed of a part in rubber and a transparent part, which allows the cancellation of the phenomenon of refraction.
Fins: used by divers to move underwater without the aid of the arms, achieving maximum performance with minimum effort. On the market there are different types, for scuba diving the most suitable model is the one with a medium-wide blade.
Variable buoyancy jacket: allows you to control the buoyancy under water, keeping a stable attitude, a constant depth and to dive or emerge in a controlled way.
Ballast: serves to counterbalance the positive thrust of the suit, and usually consists of a belt, stopped with a device that allows quick disengagement, which are attached to movable metal elements.
Cylinders: this is a cylindrical high pressure container designed to transport the air reserve under water. The cylinder is made up of a cylindrical bottle and a fitting for adjusting the air flow.
Dispenser: it is the component that allows the intake of breathable air.
Clock: allows monitoring the duration of the dive, which is essential to avoid pressure changes that are too abrupt when you dive or emerge. The diver’s watches have a rotating ring in only one direction, on which there is an indicator symbol that is positioned at the minute hand, indicating the dive start time, this allows to check the status of his dive and, if necessary, the ascent decompression stops are performed.
Underwater computers: they are able to continuously calculate the partial pressure of inert gases in the body based on the depth and dive profile of the diver. Many dive computers also provide other information to the diver, such as water temperature, gas pressure inside the tank or average air consumption.

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