Are you ready for your PADI IDC course?

Let’s now take a look at the aspects to be considered when talking about becoming scuba diving instructors, and we will see if you are ready or not

Psychological Aspect

well, if you’re already wondering about the possibility of becoming a good point, it means that you have an objective and the diving with its dives and plans is sprinkled with targets. Let’s say that, whatever your level of diver, the fact that you have a goal of training gives you the first big point in planning your IDC

Didactic Aspect

very simply PADI tells you that you are ready (from standard) if the underlying requisites are satisfied by the diver

– Dive Leader certification – PADI Divemaster or leadership-level certification
with a recognized recreational diver training organization * who is either:
to. an instructor member in good standing, or
b. diver with proof of certification in diver supervision and management
including proof of rescue diving certification; 60 logged dives; documented
experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation.
– 18 years old
– Medical clearance attesting to a fitness signed by a physician within the
previous 12 months.
– Certified diver for six months.
– EFR Primary and Secondary Care course completion (or qualifying
training) within the last 24 months.
– If not a PADI Divemaster, complete the PADI Divemaster course diver
rescue skills assessment.
– Submit documentation of qualifying certifications for entry level, advanced,
rescue and leadership level, as necessary.

Physical aspect

not big requirements to satisfy. Although diving is an extremely challenging activity, the IDC course itself does not present great physical tests, let’s say that it will be more your next choice on where, how and how much work you will have to take into consideration in the future

Aspect linked to the underwater experience

and here we are dealing with some key factors to consider
– Did you have a good Divemaster course?
– have you ever driven after the Divemaster course or even better, worked for a dive center?
– have you had admiration for the past instructors who took care of you? (generally a good and comfortable relationship with their past instructors helps students to develop self-esteem and confidence in their own possibilities
– Did you dive in different environments?
– Are you familiar with the PADI programs?
if most of the answers to these questions are YES, then you are most likely ready, according to your experience, to put yourself in the hands of a PADI Course Director

Social Aspect

your life once you become an instructor will not be the same, as you will always be surrounded by scuba divers or people who want to be underwater and who will investigate your life with questions, so many questions … are you ready then to this unbearable advantage?

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