IDC Technical Guide

All you need to know about IDC programs and how to get prepared for it

Here we are, if you are on this page let us guess the reason. You thought, you think, you will think or even just thinking about thinking of diving instructor and not where to retrieve the information especially on the famous IDC that everyone talks about or write. Well, in this blog I will be happy to help you and guide you in choosing where to do it, what to study, to know if you are ready for the exams, what to bring for to the exam, you will find out if it is more convenient to pay for the IDC or do it in Internship, if the CESA is as difficult as it seems if you need to have your eRDPml or exam table. The only thing you will not have will obviously be the answers to the exam. Choose the theme that interests you and browse through the pages of this memorable and fascinating start of your PADI Instructor career

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