Best dive site in the Caribbean??… St. George Wreck!!

Length 73 m / 240 ft, Stern 31 m / 102 ft, Depth 44 m / 144 ft, Top of the wreck 15 m / 50 ft
Distance from Dominicus beach 800m / 0.5 mile


St George Wreck is one of the most beautiful wrecks in the Caribbean. Built in 1962 in Scotland this  ship was used as a freighter to transport grain and flour between Norway and America. After 20 years of service the ship ended up in the port of Santo Domingo and in 1999 was sunk about a half mile / 800 meters from Coral Point diving in Bayahibe. The original name was different, but before sinking it, they named the wreck St George after the hurricane George, that hit the Caribbean the year before (1998).

Every dive on this wreck is a special dive. Many beautiful corals has grown on the wreck over the years, you can watch barracudas and many school of fish going through each other, never mixing together. Because the wreck is deep, you have to be an Advanced Open Water Diver to visit this dive site. If you are not certified advanced diver yet, why don’t you take the PADI  AOWD course with us?


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