Atlantic Princess WreckDiver Level: Any. Depth 12 meters/ 40 feet A vibrant artificial reef, Atlantic Princess is a favorite place to divers and snorkelers alike.

Atlantic PrincessThe Atlantic Princess was a small cruise used by tourists in the area. In 2008, it ran aground on the beach during Tropical Storm Fay. The plan was to sink the boat and create a beautiful underwater environment and an artificial reef for the enjoyment of visitors. But the Atlantic Princess sank on its own on May 6, 2009 and rests just 12 meters below the surface. To this day, it is still a great diving spot for everyone, you will not be disappointed! The boat is richly inhabited by several types of fish, including parrotfish, small crabs and small rays. Surrounding her in every direction is reef divided by sand channels. It is a must for any diver in Bayahibe, and is only two minutes from Coral Point diving. The old passenger liner is 30 meters long and 9 meters high. In its shallow waters, the ship has been hit hard by the storms that have passed through the region the past years. Atlantic FrontAlthough still mostly intact, there are parts of the ship where you can witness the impact the storms and years have had on the Atlantic Princess. A great spectacle of silver bodied fish greet you when looking through her windows and cracks. Small blennies also live in the coral that lives on the reef. Exploring the reef around the wreck you can find many sand Atlantic Princess outside divers and parrot fish swimming over top. Hidden on the sandy bottom and in the sand channels are many spotted stingrays and garden eels. Spider crabs are also a common site inside tube sponges. Nudibranchs and lettuce slugs can also be found sliding their way along the reef. With no current and visibility usually between 15 and 20 meters, the Atlantic Princess is the perfect place to discover scuba diving, get a taste of wreck diving, or spend time snorkeling above. Greeting all visitors are the sergeant majors and bar jacks that call this site home. Such friendly fish and pretty wreck spongesmake this a great spot for photos.