Luca's mapDiver Level: Any. Depth 12 meters/40 feet. A great place to have a drift dive when a light current is present, Luca’s reef is quite expansive and filled with hard and soft corals.

Most days, however, very minimal current is at this dive site. Home to two different coral nurseries, Luca’s is a dive site to be visited. The coral garden tucked below 11 – 14 meters of water is gorgeous. Long fingers of healthy reef just out into the sand from the main reef, creating the perfect habitat for a wide variety of fish. With the main part of the reef sitting quite close to the bottom, this site offers a lot of open water between the reef top and the surface. Because of this, squid can often be seen swimming through mid water. Larger fish, such as barracudas, have been known to pass through as well. Visibility is as far as 15 to 20 meters. The coral nurseries offer protection for many young fish. Hidden amongst the corals in these areas are baby box fish, butterflyfish, and colorful wrasse. Heading over the main part of the reef you are more likely to find green and spotted moray eels, lobsters, and porcupine fish. Sandy patches between the fingers of the reef draw in many rays; spotted stingrays, southern stingrays, and eagle rays have all be sited at Luca’s.