Diver Level: Any Depth 14-22 meters/45-70 feet. Sitting 16 meters below the buoy at this site sits a small wrecked wreck, the. Coca Wreck.

Although much resemblance to a ship has been lost, the pieces of the boat that scatter the section of reef are worth exploring. Having seen many storms pass through, the area that the pieces are scattered over is quite large. Hidden in and around the boat are lionfish and eels. Many more shy fish, such has balloon fishcoca's wreck can be found under larger hanging pieces of the wreck. The reef at this site spans the entire sea floor. Massive fan corals and sea plumes waft back and forth in the light surge. Depths at this site can go as deep as 20 meters while exploring the coral garden. The 15 meter visibility makes spotting the calamari passing through easy.