DominicusDiver Level: Any. Depth 12-16 metre Dominicus reef is a beautiful reef sitting straight off from Dominicus beach.

Dominicus ReefThe dive site is 14 meters deep with both coral and sandy bottom. A large main reef extends out into the sand like fingers reaching towards the shore. The larger portion of the main reef is host to large soft corals and anemones. Amongst those are hard corals and rock that make up a healthy environment filled with fish and life. Lobsters and porcupine fish can be spotted often here. As you move outwards and explore the reef fingers that jut into the sandy bottom, rays are often easy to find in the sand. Scorpion fish and grouper are fun to try and spot on the reef. tunicatesYounger and smaller animals tend towards the reef fingers. Baby lionfish can sometimes be spotted as well as small eels. Occasionally the current at Dominicus can be strong, making it a perfect spot for a drift dive.