gruntsDiver level: AnyDepth: 12-16 mtr / 39-52 ft. If you’re searching for a tropical paradise for your next getaway, you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for in Catalina Island.

eagle rayIt may be a small island in the Dominican Republic, but Catalina Island has got more to it than meets the eye. Besides being gorgeous, this island is majorly set up for the best kind of snorkeling and diving. Catalina Island sits near a protected marine area, meaning there’s plenty of coral, untouched reefs, and lots of your favorite ocean friends who love to hang out here. On the east side of the island is a reef nicknamed “the wall”, while the western side of the island boasts a snorkel spot nicknamed “the aquarium”. Both help you imagine what’s waiting for you when you dip below the waves — schools of colorful fish flitting around bunches of coral. Sometimes, snorkelers spot stingrays settling in the sand bed. Dreamy.