Hello everybody,

If you are here, on this page, it is certainly because we want to talk together about scuba diving, snorkeling and marine life. We also hope, again through these few webpages, to be able to create a meeting point where all of us, divers and non-divers, can talk to each other to share our passion for the sea. Eventually we will be able, again through this blog, to be able to plan our holidays, decide which dive sites to visit which dive courses to take or we will simply learn curious facts about fish through the fun story of some divers or through the reading of some scientific text.
At Coral Point, we have decades of experience on the territory (and on the seabed) of the Dominican Republic and in particular we know the Bayahibe seabed as if they were the garden of our home. We have discovered the joy of its richness and fibrillating biodiversity twenty years ago. We have suffered in seeing its colors fade and in the decrease of some fish populations in a very past past. However, we are now entering a third phase of rebirth where the hope of returning to its pristine splendor materializes again. We are in the recovery stage, the moment in which consciousness has finally taken hold in the souls of people, of tourists as well as local people, to whom we rely now to be able to develop scientific research, safeguard and protection projects, of which we hope. you want to be part of it too.