night diving

The discovery of another world.

When we do a night dive, we go to discover another world. The difference between a dive day and night can be colossal. Indeed, you can know your favorite spot on the fingertips, the very first time you dive at night, you will be lost, your missing landmarks and your sensations transformed. Diving at night is a different dive. One feels immersed in another world, a world full of surprises, where one discovers natural elements that one does not notice the day in normal times. Everything becomes a source of astonishment.


A changing aquatic landscape

Diving at night is an opportunity to observe nocturnal animals. As night falls, the landscape of the seabed changes. At night, the vast majority of fish that you are used to seeing are resting, sheltered, in the hollow of a rock or in a protective cocoon while other species take the opportunity to go hunting . These species: crustaceans such as crabs or langoustines, squid or cuttlefish. This is the opportunity to discover other fish in their natural environment.

These night dives also give the opportunity to witness an exceptional and fascinating phenomenon with the reproduction of corals which takes place more generally towards the spring.

The calm of night diving

Diving at night is the assurance of living an experience in all serenity, contrary to popular belief. Many divers show their apprehension before diving into the night. But once out of the water, they can only realize how calm there is during a dive like this. Night dives often give divers the impression of being alone on the site. It is therefore important to be vigilant and to know how to use the diving light correctly to avoid chance encounters.

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