Dive Against Debris
PADI AWARE has just established a long term partnership with The Ocean Cleanup with a joint mission to clean the ocean from plastic. Coral Point Diving is in full swing. PADI AWARE Foundation® is a non-profit public charitable organization that promotes global ocean conservation through local action. It also engages divers and people all over the world to take conservation measures that care and protect the planet ocean both above and below the surface, further elevating and supporting PADI’s vision to achieve Bring the balance between humanity and the ocean.
PADI AWARE is now directly supporting dive centres and divers in the Dominican Republic who wish to join this long-term effort and be part of the solution. This project is not just about picking up trash, it is about developing data to lead governments and other entities to prevent trash from entering the ocean. Long-term, the idea is to help make it a viable commercial practice that will serve both the dive centers, the ocean, and the scientific community.
Coral Point and its team are pleased to announce that we are fully engaged and 101% motivated. The Dive Against Debris course/certification is also possibly offered with participation in our “debris diving activities” as part of the program.
Coral Point Diving welcomed the official opening in March 2022 with the 1st Dive Against Debris survey. Special Guests (whom we also thank for making all of this possible): Juanita Seino (Official Project Coordinator for PADI AWARE, Claudio Brandileone PADI Regional Manager, Mark Goldsmith PADI Examiner and PADI Course Director) .
Want to learn more about how you and your team can directly help save the ocean? Contact us at info@coralpointdiving. com #diving #divingtechnique #divingbotteille #divingundermarine #pongeecourse #francophonediver #dive ???

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