On your first night dive (and most probably on the following ones) we are almost sure that your Instructor asked you to turn your light off. Why? 

Simply because if you wave your arms in the underwater darkness you can then see tiny specs of bioluminescence, which is tiny plankton lighting up blue. Scientists are unsure why so many creatures are bioluminescent, however we now know how it is produced.

Bioluminescence is the name for the light produced by some animals and is the result of a chemical reaction. Some animals make the necessary chemicals themselves, some absorb them from their food and others allow bioluminescent organisms to live inside them forming a symbiotic relationship. Some bioluminescent animals live on land but the majority are found in the ocean. Most sea animals emit bioluminescence in the blue-green range, while the landlubbers tend to emit light in the yellow range of the colour spectrum.

Bioluminescence has different purposes for different animals. Some use bioluminescence to startle their prey.

The best way to catch a glimpse of bioluminescence for yourself is to come along to the next Coral Point Dive at Atlantic Princess during night. Check out the dive calendar for dates.

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