porcupine fish
 1. They are the most poisonous fish in the sea.
The Puffer is harmless unless eaten. Liver,
the intestines, gonads and skin are very toxic
and cause the death of approximately 60% of the people who
consume. If prepared correctly, the puffer
(or fugu) is edible and considered a delicacy
tricky in Japan and Korea.
The Puffer's toxin - tetrodotoxin - is produced
in puffer fish by bacteria. The fish
acquire the bacteria by grazing on the reef and
eating molluscs and other invertebrates.
Weight for weight, tetrodotoxin is up to 100 times
deadlier than black widow spider venom and
over 1000 times deadlier than cyanide. This is
one of the most toxic natural substances.
2. They make huge and beautiful nest patterns in the
Although the fish are only small, they form
geometric nests 2 m in diameter and they
takes a week or more to do. They decorate
even their seashell creations. The fish
males do this to attract a mate. They don't
never reuse the nest, always building a
new circular structure despite the weather and the
effort it takes
nest pattern
3. Their teeth are fused together and constantly to push Adult pufferfish have only four teeth, merged into one powerful beak. They use it for open the clams or mussels and scrape the algae rocks. These teeth can grow back indefinitely, so they are never completely crushed. The four teeth gave birth in the name of their family: Tetraodontidae.

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