As you probably know Hurricane Fiona is the first hurricane to directly impact the island since hurricane Jeanne in 2004.

On Monday, 19 September at 3:30 a.m., hurricane Fiona entered the Dominican Republic as a category 1 with strong winds of up to 150 km/h and heavy rains producing landslides, fallen bridges, road blockages, power outages, interrupted telecommunications, and overflowed dams, among other effects. Twelve provinces

Matthew before Fiona

have suffered the most damage so far because of Hurricane Fiona’s passage through Dominican Republic. The report indicated that 2,614 homes were affected, 457 partially affected and 4 destroyed as well as 2 people dead and over 12,000 people displaced.

Matthew after Fiona

As for underwater environment we are still evaluating the real size of the damage, however, after first assesment dives, we are happy to say that the reefs are safe and they will bounce back to normality soon.

a toilet bowl now visible

Actual conditions don’t affect divers, since they resumed their activities and recreational divers already went aback to enjoy underwater world again.

can we now penetrate it?

Today, Instructor from Coral Point Diving Edmund Settle (who took the pictures) went diving on this site. Wrecks have changed a little bit and here we can show you the first images of Matthew’s Wreck, a very popular dive site in front of bayahibe village. Don’t worry the site around is still very healthy and ready to welcome divers from all around the world. We can also say that Matthew is still the same wreck that we were used to dive, just a bit different.

after Fiona
after Fiona
after Fiona

Did you remember it from before? can you say the difference?

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